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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring is finally Springing!! Hip Hip Hizzah!

Wonders Never Cease- New Items all the time!
Our "Shopscapes" are everchanging...
Check in often, don't miss out!  
Most of Our Items are One-of-a-Kind!

Welcome to the SpiralHawk Studio 
"Travelling Boothtique"!!!
<a brief photo tour of Our Boothtique- just a sampling, really..!>

Walking Sticks, Staff & Canes, Antique Cobalt Blue 
and other Bottles, Antique Tinwares, Candles and quite 
a selection of Handmade Earrings on Silver Earwires.

 Lampwork Beads, Glass and Gem Bracelets, Stone Pendants, 
Fabulous Stone Necklaces, Antique Brass Statues, Antique Tins, 
Handpainted Boxes, and on and on and...

Here you'll see quite a selection of gorgeous Gemstone, Crystal & Mineral Jewelry-
and some examples of our other Wares!
We also offer a variety of Woodwork, Custom Work, Vintage & Antiques,
Arts & Crafts Supplies, Spirit Items, Tools and so much More..!


Visit Our Etsy Shop post haste!  
Coupon Code: WOWZERS
Just enter that Coupon Code at Checkout and 
SAVE 10% OFF your Order Total over $10!!!

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Bitter winds bite & gnaw-
  chapped skin, scratched throat,
frozen faces & feet to thaw..
  Wintry gales blow your coat,
steals the breath- lungs are raw..
                                                 ....a couple days later...

  The morning comes gently, 
misty warm raindrops patter and kiss the greening grass.  
  Crocus and Forsythia awakened by the first probing fingers of the dawning sunlight.  
  Robins and Jays and the little birds hunt for their morning meal and shake off drops rain from already soaked feathers.   The earth smells deep and rich, ripening with possibilities.                                                                                  ~Rachael Roy 2014

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