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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reminisce.. Killens Pond = Love

My Beloved Husband- Hawk, the Song of my Heart & Soul.. 
My Love has such an adventurous Spirit!
Here, He is navigating a fell tree across the creek to fetch an errant fishing lure! 
Spring has sprung and you can feel it everywhere!

 This is Killens Pond Spillway- part of the Killens Pond State Park, Felton, DE. 
 My Husbands most favorite place in all the state! 
He's been Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Biking and Livin' it up out here for many years..! 
On September 23, 2001
~ Me and my Husband met for the first time in this flesh,
here at Killens Pond State Park. 
Connected again- together atlast..  :)
Our first Kiss, first Embrace, the beginning of Our beautiful Journey..
We celebrate Our 10th Wedding Anniversary on
June 14th, 2013!  :)

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