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Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Viva la Vintage   - Bygone eras, Antiquity, "Collecting" & Flea Markets...

>>>Yes, yes...I know- Our Shop is mostly Our Handcrafted Items, but, We do have some fantastic Vintage & Antique Items, as well.  Some of Our greatest finds came from Flea Markets- as We travel frequently...

     Many years ago, I started selling Yard Sale Junk, Antiques and other random stuff at the local Amish Bazaar here in Delaware.  It started out as an interest turned Hobby, then eventually, the platform(however humble) for Us launching the Studio. 
     You just Never Know what you are going to see, smell, hear or interact with at a Flea Market!  Part of the Thrill, beyond bearing witness to some of societies most Notable Characters, is the Variety!  Viva la Differance!!

     Visualize: To one side, a booth of near-priceless Antiquities and Rarities, meanwhile the next booth is a Storage Cleanout all heaped on the ground..Next is the creepy ol' man with a boxtruck of Dirty Movies- followed by the Preacher peddlin' Jewelry and cheap Imported Carpets.  Across the aisle sits the bitter ol' Lady selling overpriced baubles, complaining to whoever will listen.  On either side of her, nervewrought Spinsters listen while Crocheting and Quilting their way to financial freedom.  The Thai Plant Lady- donning her wildly festive Hat and brutally red lipstick, happily shoving cash down her top as she watches her inexpensive hanging plants disappear, two and three at a time.. The air is heavily scented with cooking Meat, smoking away in the Amish kitchens.. and Scent Rocks- there is always atleast 1 vendor there with stinkin, foul, overwhelmingly horrific Scent Rocks..  ...can't forget the Bookseller, Game Guy, Chinese "All $1" Booth, Shoe Dude (methinks a closet foot fetishest), the dirty Hippies Booth and the loud, obnoxious "Fruit Lady" who screams her wares ALL day long...and, shes known to sexually harass with fruit! 
Cultural Carnival.. or Societies Fringe Fest... formerly a noble and useful destination, Flea Markets Were what the internet is Now: a huge collection of folks from all over with an endless variety of products- everyone & thing has a story, a price and was brought there to be shown to the world...
     With all it's funk, folk and mystery- We do enjoy a good Flea Market!  Whether Vending or just meandering through.  Seriously, you just Never know what you're going to see! 
     Some of our best studio materials have been found at that Amish Market, amongst junk and jabberwocky...
Here's an idea, Dear Viewer- take thee to the nearest Flea Market,  with thy hands dig and root through boxes & piles-thine eyes will see Treasures, hidden amongst the rough waiting for release and new life!  Let thine own hands make use of these castoffs and calicos, curios and bits-creation from your own mind, spirit and hands... Then, come on back and tell Us all about it in Comments!  We will Post your stories and pictures!!  :)

So, as usual, I digress- And, have completely forgotten the point of this monologue...dammit.
     We have been bringing you some pretty awesome Vintage Items in Our Shop Section- Viva La Vintage, come check it All out!  We are currently researching a bunch more Vintage/Antique items for your purchasing pleasure, so Subscribe to Our Blog or "Like" Us on Facebook to keep updated!

StrangeBrewsVintage just opened Shop earlier this month! 
StrangeBrew Glassworks & Vintage:  Lampwork Glass Creations and Vintage Toys, Jewelry and More by LouLou-  this is SpiralHawk Studios Sister Shop, please, show LouLou some Love!!!  We will be Featuring Her, her Shop and Story very soon!  Stay tuned for more..!

To be Continued...
;)  Rachael

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