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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thinktank Thursday: Ideas, Musings...

 We Want to Hear from YOU! 

 What do You want to See???

Philosophy, The Arts, Craftsmen and their Crafts, Spirituality, Religion, Ideas...
Rants, Raves, Monologues, Poetry, Lore, DIY, Green Living, Q&A, etc...?

We can and will Promote Artists, Craftsfolk, Etsy and Other Arts often,
but- we'd like to mix it up with <insert topic here>...
Variety is the Spice of Life! 
Viva la Differance!!
We want to open a dialogue with You, our viewers! 
What do You want to Talk about, Read about and Share? 
 Let Us Know!
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Studio Happenings - Seeking Venues!!

We are currently seeking Local Shows and Venues to Vend at!  (Local being within 150 miles of Harrington, DE; that spans a 4 state area, from Baltimore to Philly to east coast New Jersey!)

SpiralHawk Studio has setup at many different types of Venues over the years, from Flea Markets to Art Shows to Music Festivals to humble Yard Sales.  We have our own Tables, Displays, Signage, EZ-up tent available, a vast variety of Products and we are happy to present Our Etsy Store onsite via WIFI Laptop!  We accept Cash(at venues only) and Paypal and are happy to ship worldwide!

>And even More Awesomeness!!!
We have a fantastic Network of Friends who Love to setup with Us:
We are proud to offer additional Services, just let Us know what your needs are!   
Karaoke Machine, (and-we know a great DJ, too!)
Face Painter/Costume Entertainer and mobile Airbrush Studio,
Mobile Professional Massage Therapist,  Reiki Master Energy Worker,
Food-Drink-Dessert Services,  and more...
And, We can also provide a Kids Crafts Table with fun and inexpensive kid projects! 

>All suggestions/info will recieve a reply and our thanks!

In other Studio Shop News-
We are about to offer some exciting New Art Supplies/Destash in Our Shop, listings will be up this weekend, hopefully!  Come one, come All and see for yourself- Great stuff for Artists and Crafters of All Sorts!!!
*Copper Destash Snack Pack:  Copper Sheathing rolls, Copper Wires of several gauges, Copper Findings and Bits- in a Box for your Artsy Sampling Pleasure!
*Assemblage Artists Snack Pack:  Metal Salvage, Jewelry Findings, Antique All Sorts, Wires, Parts, Gears, whozits, whatzits, thingamajigs and more...Comes Boxed for your Rooting Pleasure!
*Collage & Ephemera Snack Pack:  Assorted Papers, Cardstock samples, Vintage Mag pages, Antique Craft Mag Pages, Antique Wrapping Papers,  Scrapbook Scraps, and maybe a few doodles and illustrations to sample as well! 
*The Mystery Box Sampler!:  For all you courageous MultiCrafters!  This Mystery Box has ooodles of weird odd bits and wonderment- curious collection of ???   Aha!  It's a Surprise!  No peeking!!  If you want a Clue, go to Our Shop and read Our Profile.. (Our Favorite Materials)

...and for you Culinary Artists- some fantastic Vintage and Antique Kitchenwares!!!

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