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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EmKat-Creations.blogspot.com   ....on 4/20!
This Friday, April 20th, Emkat-Creations.blogspot.com will be Featuring SpiralHawk Studio!!!
Please join Us!  There is a minigiveaway of SpiralHawk Studio Bookmark sets, the Win this Amethyst Pendant for the "Like" Rally, Info about Us...and Kat's Blog is Awesome!  Pagan-y Happenings, Who's Who and their Blessed Creations, Etsy, Lore, Reverance to All God/desses :)  

>> Kat, ReadingsbyKat.etsy.com, is so friendly and helpful!  She truly is a rare Gem- compassionate, outgoing, friendly and intuitive!  Check out her Etsy store, Blog and FB Page!

>>>We have posted FB Photo Albums of the NEW Staff & Cane!  >>>Check them out!

Just Zen out with me...
quiet your mind..breathe deeply
... .relax. ...
..hear the trickling of the water..
 ..birds chirping, singing..
..the leaves dancing gently upon a light breeze..
..dappled sunlight warmly caressing your face..
..feel the water, cold and crisp;  purifying..
..flowing over your feet..
..stand here and Be..
just Be.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for all your compliments. I love sharing lovely witch-crafted things!