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Friday, April 20, 2012


Don't you love it when...
     ... Don't you love it when you find humorous little ironies in life?  My son, on his walk home from school yesterday, was given a small copy of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.  They were giving them out apparently on the corner in front of the school.  The irony is, that upon arriving home and showing off his "free book", he sticks his favorite bookmark in it.  The bookmark is one that I designed and he kept one- and the symbolism in the artwork happens to represent the God and Goddess of the Old Religion.

...Different strokes for different Folks-
the world keeps spinnin' anyway...

Something weird about me.  It's so easy to piss me off, and yet so difficult.  You can poke fun, call me names, yo-mama this and that etc. and it'll have no effect.  Yet, for some reason, if you give me the finger, I get mad.  What is it about this simple and ancient gesture that affects me so?  I'm not sure, and can't quite figure it out.  Just don't give me the finger.
I'll be 75 years old and some punk will flip me off at a red light.  I shit you not, I will whip off one of my diabetic socks, drop my dentures into it and come out swingin.  "Sunma bitch!"



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