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Friday, April 20, 2012

City Code Idiocy

How much sense does this make...
     With most of the country trying to "go green"; more people are recycling and it's caught on in more places than ever; hybrid cars burning less gas etc...  why do people who live in town limits get a fine if they let their lawn grow more than 4" tall? 
Whatever your spiritual beliefs, there obviously is a reason for things in nature.  Whoever or whatever came up with it all- God, Chance, whatever-there is a working system here that does not need people fucking it up.  Plants GROW. Trees lose their leaves in the fall and they rot and serve as mulch, enriching the soil.   But some knucklehead decides that everyone must rake up all those leaves and mow regularly so that things look nice.  So, the grass does its thing and keeps growing back- burning up all the nutrients in the soil as it grows anew every time it gets mowed.  And without the natural cycle of leaves falling etc to replenish the soil, you get bare spots and patches of weeds replacing the grass as the soil goes barren because you're staying in compliance with some idiot's idea of how the world works.  So then you have to fertilize the lawn, which of course pollutes the water table and has effects on the surrounding environment through run-off in storm drains etc.  Not to mention the unnecessary consumption of fuel involved in running mowers and weedeaters.  Honestly, I cannot believe that there is a person making a salary for going around making sure that people keep up with all this. 
And besides, mowing the lawn just sucks anyway.  Get a real job, douchebag.  Or at least a hobby that doesn't involve being a douche and expecting people to respect you for it.  I mean, come on- were you born that stupid or did you take classes.  
                                                                                            -- Hawk

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