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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thinktank Thursday: Ideas, Musings...

 We Want to Hear from YOU! 

 What do You want to See???

Philosophy, The Arts, Craftsmen and their Crafts, Spirituality, Religion, Ideas...
Rants, Raves, Monologues, Poetry, Lore, DIY, Green Living, Q&A, etc...?

We can and will Promote Artists, Craftsfolk, Etsy and Other Arts often,
but- we'd like to mix it up with <insert topic here>...
Variety is the Spice of Life! 
Viva la Differance!!
We want to open a dialogue with You, our viewers! 
What do You want to Talk about, Read about and Share? 
 Let Us Know!
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Studio Happenings - Seeking Venues!!

We are currently seeking Local Shows and Venues to Vend at!  (Local being within 150 miles of Harrington, DE; that spans a 4 state area, from Baltimore to Philly to east coast New Jersey!)

SpiralHawk Studio has setup at many different types of Venues over the years, from Flea Markets to Art Shows to Music Festivals to humble Yard Sales.  We have our own Tables, Displays, Signage, EZ-up tent available, a vast variety of Products and we are happy to present Our Etsy Store onsite via WIFI Laptop!  We accept Cash(at venues only) and Paypal and are happy to ship worldwide!

>And even More Awesomeness!!!
We have a fantastic Network of Friends who Love to setup with Us:
We are proud to offer additional Services, just let Us know what your needs are!   
Karaoke Machine, (and-we know a great DJ, too!)
Face Painter/Costume Entertainer and mobile Airbrush Studio,
Mobile Professional Massage Therapist,  Reiki Master Energy Worker,
Food-Drink-Dessert Services,  and more...
And, We can also provide a Kids Crafts Table with fun and inexpensive kid projects! 

>All suggestions/info will recieve a reply and our thanks!

In other Studio Shop News-
We are about to offer some exciting New Art Supplies/Destash in Our Shop, listings will be up this weekend, hopefully!  Come one, come All and see for yourself- Great stuff for Artists and Crafters of All Sorts!!!
*Copper Destash Snack Pack:  Copper Sheathing rolls, Copper Wires of several gauges, Copper Findings and Bits- in a Box for your Artsy Sampling Pleasure!
*Assemblage Artists Snack Pack:  Metal Salvage, Jewelry Findings, Antique All Sorts, Wires, Parts, Gears, whozits, whatzits, thingamajigs and more...Comes Boxed for your Rooting Pleasure!
*Collage & Ephemera Snack Pack:  Assorted Papers, Cardstock samples, Vintage Mag pages, Antique Craft Mag Pages, Antique Wrapping Papers,  Scrapbook Scraps, and maybe a few doodles and illustrations to sample as well! 
*The Mystery Box Sampler!:  For all you courageous MultiCrafters!  This Mystery Box has ooodles of weird odd bits and wonderment- curious collection of ???   Aha!  It's a Surprise!  No peeking!!  If you want a Clue, go to Our Shop and read Our Profile.. (Our Favorite Materials)

...and for you Culinary Artists- some fantastic Vintage and Antique Kitchenwares!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

 Viva la Vintage   - Bygone eras, Antiquity, "Collecting" & Flea Markets...

>>>Yes, yes...I know- Our Shop is mostly Our Handcrafted Items, but, We do have some fantastic Vintage & Antique Items, as well.  Some of Our greatest finds came from Flea Markets- as We travel frequently...

     Many years ago, I started selling Yard Sale Junk, Antiques and other random stuff at the local Amish Bazaar here in Delaware.  It started out as an interest turned Hobby, then eventually, the platform(however humble) for Us launching the Studio. 
     You just Never Know what you are going to see, smell, hear or interact with at a Flea Market!  Part of the Thrill, beyond bearing witness to some of societies most Notable Characters, is the Variety!  Viva la Differance!!

     Visualize: To one side, a booth of near-priceless Antiquities and Rarities, meanwhile the next booth is a Storage Cleanout all heaped on the ground..Next is the creepy ol' man with a boxtruck of Dirty Movies- followed by the Preacher peddlin' Jewelry and cheap Imported Carpets.  Across the aisle sits the bitter ol' Lady selling overpriced baubles, complaining to whoever will listen.  On either side of her, nervewrought Spinsters listen while Crocheting and Quilting their way to financial freedom.  The Thai Plant Lady- donning her wildly festive Hat and brutally red lipstick, happily shoving cash down her top as she watches her inexpensive hanging plants disappear, two and three at a time.. The air is heavily scented with cooking Meat, smoking away in the Amish kitchens.. and Scent Rocks- there is always atleast 1 vendor there with stinkin, foul, overwhelmingly horrific Scent Rocks..  ...can't forget the Bookseller, Game Guy, Chinese "All $1" Booth, Shoe Dude (methinks a closet foot fetishest), the dirty Hippies Booth and the loud, obnoxious "Fruit Lady" who screams her wares ALL day long...and, shes known to sexually harass with fruit! 
Cultural Carnival.. or Societies Fringe Fest... formerly a noble and useful destination, Flea Markets Were what the internet is Now: a huge collection of folks from all over with an endless variety of products- everyone & thing has a story, a price and was brought there to be shown to the world...
     With all it's funk, folk and mystery- We do enjoy a good Flea Market!  Whether Vending or just meandering through.  Seriously, you just Never know what you're going to see! 
     Some of our best studio materials have been found at that Amish Market, amongst junk and jabberwocky...
Here's an idea, Dear Viewer- take thee to the nearest Flea Market,  with thy hands dig and root through boxes & piles-thine eyes will see Treasures, hidden amongst the rough waiting for release and new life!  Let thine own hands make use of these castoffs and calicos, curios and bits-creation from your own mind, spirit and hands... Then, come on back and tell Us all about it in Comments!  We will Post your stories and pictures!!  :)

So, as usual, I digress- And, have completely forgotten the point of this monologue...dammit.
     We have been bringing you some pretty awesome Vintage Items in Our Shop Section- Viva La Vintage, come check it All out!  We are currently researching a bunch more Vintage/Antique items for your purchasing pleasure, so Subscribe to Our Blog or "Like" Us on Facebook to keep updated!

StrangeBrewsVintage just opened Shop earlier this month! 
StrangeBrew Glassworks & Vintage:  Lampwork Glass Creations and Vintage Toys, Jewelry and More by LouLou-  this is SpiralHawk Studios Sister Shop, please, show LouLou some Love!!!  We will be Featuring Her, her Shop and Story very soon!  Stay tuned for more..!

To be Continued...
;)  Rachael

Friday, April 20, 2012

City Code Idiocy

How much sense does this make...
     With most of the country trying to "go green"; more people are recycling and it's caught on in more places than ever; hybrid cars burning less gas etc...  why do people who live in town limits get a fine if they let their lawn grow more than 4" tall? 
Whatever your spiritual beliefs, there obviously is a reason for things in nature.  Whoever or whatever came up with it all- God, Chance, whatever-there is a working system here that does not need people fucking it up.  Plants GROW. Trees lose their leaves in the fall and they rot and serve as mulch, enriching the soil.   But some knucklehead decides that everyone must rake up all those leaves and mow regularly so that things look nice.  So, the grass does its thing and keeps growing back- burning up all the nutrients in the soil as it grows anew every time it gets mowed.  And without the natural cycle of leaves falling etc to replenish the soil, you get bare spots and patches of weeds replacing the grass as the soil goes barren because you're staying in compliance with some idiot's idea of how the world works.  So then you have to fertilize the lawn, which of course pollutes the water table and has effects on the surrounding environment through run-off in storm drains etc.  Not to mention the unnecessary consumption of fuel involved in running mowers and weedeaters.  Honestly, I cannot believe that there is a person making a salary for going around making sure that people keep up with all this. 
And besides, mowing the lawn just sucks anyway.  Get a real job, douchebag.  Or at least a hobby that doesn't involve being a douche and expecting people to respect you for it.  I mean, come on- were you born that stupid or did you take classes.  
                                                                                            -- Hawk


Don't you love it when...
     ... Don't you love it when you find humorous little ironies in life?  My son, on his walk home from school yesterday, was given a small copy of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.  They were giving them out apparently on the corner in front of the school.  The irony is, that upon arriving home and showing off his "free book", he sticks his favorite bookmark in it.  The bookmark is one that I designed and he kept one- and the symbolism in the artwork happens to represent the God and Goddess of the Old Religion.

...Different strokes for different Folks-
the world keeps spinnin' anyway...

Something weird about me.  It's so easy to piss me off, and yet so difficult.  You can poke fun, call me names, yo-mama this and that etc. and it'll have no effect.  Yet, for some reason, if you give me the finger, I get mad.  What is it about this simple and ancient gesture that affects me so?  I'm not sure, and can't quite figure it out.  Just don't give me the finger.
I'll be 75 years old and some punk will flip me off at a red light.  I shit you not, I will whip off one of my diabetic socks, drop my dentures into it and come out swingin.  "Sunma bitch!"



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EmKat-Creations.blogspot.com   ....on 4/20!
This Friday, April 20th, Emkat-Creations.blogspot.com will be Featuring SpiralHawk Studio!!!
Please join Us!  There is a minigiveaway of SpiralHawk Studio Bookmark sets, the Win this Amethyst Pendant for the "Like" Rally, Info about Us...and Kat's Blog is Awesome!  Pagan-y Happenings, Who's Who and their Blessed Creations, Etsy, Lore, Reverance to All God/desses :)  

>> Kat, ReadingsbyKat.etsy.com, is so friendly and helpful!  She truly is a rare Gem- compassionate, outgoing, friendly and intuitive!  Check out her Etsy store, Blog and FB Page!

>>>We have posted FB Photo Albums of the NEW Staff & Cane!  >>>Check them out!

Just Zen out with me...
quiet your mind..breathe deeply
... .relax. ...
..hear the trickling of the water..
 ..birds chirping, singing..
..the leaves dancing gently upon a light breeze..
..dappled sunlight warmly caressing your face..
..feel the water, cold and crisp;  purifying..
..flowing over your feet..
..stand here and Be..
just Be.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunny days, warm winds and flowers..

Spring is bursting with New-ness..  New Life, new leaves, new flowers and weeds...  (read: sneezes, coughs and sniffles, goopy eyes and sore throat tickles..)

Puma hides amongst the tall grass.  Don't let her sweet visage fool you...She's a Killer!

So, I must admit- I am a little lost as to "What" should go into a Blog.. Endless Possibilities!  wow.. hhmmm, I am an intelligent being-so, think... <scratches head>  well, how about..No.  .. <deep sigh>  ached and agonized, pawed through books, surveyed the Studio/House and with all the myriad of Wondrous Materials and really awesome stuff...I post a Cat Picture!?!? (oh, how cliche`, lol!)
   My attempt at Non-Studio content. So, moving on..

In other News:
SpiralHawk Studio needs You!  >>100 "Likes" on Facebook!

We are trying to Rally 100 "Likes" on Our FB Page/Shop!   1 random "Liker" will WIN an Amethyst & Sterling Silver Pendant, shipped anywhere in the World!  Entry is Simple!  Just go to Our FB Page, or SpiralHawkStudio.etsy.com and Click "Like"!  We will send you a confirmation message via Facebook.  Thank You so much for your Support!  We truly appreciate it!  :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome, Stay Tuned!

SpiralHawk Studio 
Daryl & Rachael Roy
Unique Handcrafted Art, Jewelry, Wands, Woodcraft and More...

Greetings!  Thank you for checking out our Blog!  We are currently under construction- Stay Tuned!
We are learnin' and creatin' for your pleasure...Please, be patient- the Awesomeness is on its way!

While you are waiting, please Visit Our Shop!    www.SpiralHawkStudio.etsy.com

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